I have been a practising  and registered teacher of the Alexander Technique since 1981 - and still love it.  It is such a privilege to pass on the benefits of  F.M. Alexander’s work. I am used to witnessing the little miracles that happen during a course of Alexander lessons and I never cease to be surprised by the difference that this work makes to people’s lives.

When I had my children, I took a six-year break in my career as an actress. It was a ten-year back problem which encouraged me to think of AT and, before returning to the stage, I had three months of Alexander lessons. I was really impressed that now I could cope with the stresses of performance in quite a different way.

I then decided to qualify as an AT teacher and embarked on a three-year training course approved by STAT (the Society of  Teachers of the Alexander Technique). My first practice was in Dorset. All sorts of intrepid types would make it up the mile-long track, passing through several gates and a stream to reach my farm.  As far as my own way of  life was concerned, I was able to apply my Alexander skills to working out practically how one might fill a bucket, push a wheelbarrow, climb over five-barred gates and run up and down hills after sheep - all with less and less effort.  I was able to pass on this practical side of the Alexander Technique to the people who came for lessons with me. I was soon invited to teach at the Acupuncture Centre in Yeovil and also found myself travelling to see people all over Dorset.

Now living in London, I work at the Heath Alexander Practice near Parliament Hill Fields in NW5. I was the resident Alexander teacher to the staff and students at the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre nearby.  Over the past few years I have introduced AT to medical students at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, helped to train a new generation of Alexander Technique teachers and worked in a GP’s practice. I have participated in Steven Shaw’s “Art of Swimming” one-year teacher training course.

At my private practice I am invited to go into different offices to help the staff to organise the way in which they work so that they operate at their workstations with less tension and more freedom. Individually, they can then follow this up by coming to me for a course of lessons. At my private practice I see a great variety of people of all ages and from all walks of life.

The AT teachers who trained me were also professional musicians and my main teacher, Paul Collins, was a former Olympic marathon runner. With seemingly endless patience, they gave me a wide view of  the myriad conditions the Alexander Technique can help with.

We Alexander teachers know how difficult it is to take the risk to change habits of a lifetime and we have an enormous admiration for anyone who takes that first step by booking a course of AT lessons.

“There is a magic about Diana, both in her skill and experience as an Alexander Technique teacher, and as a wonderful person who has helped me over the years. A lesson with Diana leaves me embodied with a sense of personal power sufficient to take on the world. Enjoyable and challenging are words that spring to mind. 

    Rose MacDonald, bid consultant, London

"It has been some years since I saw Diana on a weekly basis and yet what I learned from working with her still benefits me every day. I only have to think of what I learned from the Alexander Technique - and I feel my muscles relax, my breathing improve and my flexibility and confidence return."

     Brian Kelly,   CBC TV Documentary cameraman

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George could shear sheep all day and never knew back pain all his life, such was his innate good use.

My farm in Dorset with sheep going out in the snow

Yours truly feeding lambs

In Carry on Constable