We recommend a course of between 20 and 30 lessons. It takes time, observation and application to alter the habits of a lifetime and rewrite our bodies’ “grammar”.

My job as your Alexander teacher is to interfere with the interferences that get in the way of your natural co-ordination and balance.

My job is also to teach you basic skills so that you can make these principles your own and apply them to your self.

For an excellent explanation of the Technique, go to stat.org.uk , The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique website, But, of course, the best way of finding out about it is to book that first lesson and experience it for yourself.

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 "For me the Alexander Technique is quite simply a revelation.  It has allowed me to start using my body and mind much more beneficially and greatly improved many facets of my life.  The fact that Diana is a great and inspirational teacher helps enormously. I can honestly say that learning the Technique with her over the last year has been one of the most eye-opening and rewarding experiences I have ever undertaken."


                                                    James White,  Architect